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Trash rooms are an office space that is designated to be a place where employees can take their trash and recycle items. Trash rooms are spaces in an office where employees can throw away trash and recycle items. These spaces provide a convenient location for employees to dispose of their waste without having to walk outside or leave the building. It is a space where you can declutter and de-stress. You can also take away some of the burden by donating or recycling any items that have value to someone else. They often have bins, shelves, or boxes set up in there so people can bring in their unwanted items and take them out again when they’re done.

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Trash rooms should be designed with the following considerations:

A trash room should be centrally located to allow for maximum convenience to occupants. Trash rooms should have sufficient space for trash cans. Trash rooms should have appropriate ventilation to reduce odors and prevent buildup of harmful gasses. Trash rooms should have an adequate number of receptacles for recycling materials.

When designing a trash room, it is important to understand the different types of waste that will be disposed of in the space. There are two types of waste: wet and dry. Dry waste is typically made up of paper goods, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and containers with lids while wet waste includes liquids such as water bottles, coffee cups, soup cans and so on.

The following tips can help you design a trash room:

  • A good way to start designing a trash room is by deciding what type of material you want to use for your trash bins. Trash bins are usually made from one of three materials: stainless steel, plastic or aluminum.
  • Create separate zones for different types of waste: One zone for recyclables, one zone for compostable waste, and one zone for non-recyclable waste. This will make it easier to keep the trash room clean and organized. – Keep in mind how much space you have when designing your trash room:


The cost of building trash rooms and maintaining them can vary, but it is not a cheap project.

The cost of building a trash room can depend on the size and complexity of the project. The size of the room will affect the costs, as will any specialized features such as sorting equipment or compactor equipment.

There are many factors that can impact how much it costs to maintain a trash room. The type of waste being disposed of in the room, frequency of disposal, and number of people using the room are just some examples.

The installation of a trash room can vary in cost depending on the size and type of the room, the location of it, and other factors. In general, it costs about $3-4 per square foot to install a trash room. For instance, if you have an 800 sq ft trash room that is made from concrete walls with metal frame doors and with a concrete flooring then it would cost around $2200 to install this type of trash room. The maintenance costs for these types of rooms depends on how much traffic they receive. 

Construction costs for a trash room can vary depending on the size and the location of the room. The average cost is around $5,000 to $6,000 per square foot. The cost of building a trash room is about $15,000. This includes the cost of the room itself and all the fixtures that go with it.

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