Gates and Driveways

Gates and Driveways for apartment complexes


Gates and driveways are the entry to a building. They provide safety, security and privacy for the occupants of the building. Gates are the main entrance to a property while driveways are the way in which you enter or leave a property. 

However generally speaking, gates and driveways can have different functions depending on what they are used for. For example, in some cases gates may be used purely to keep people out while in others they may be used to keep people out as well as animals. Driveways can also be used differently, for example some properties may use them for parking whilst others may use them for access only.

A walkway is typically an elevated path that connects two points on different levels of a building (such as floors). It can also refer to any raised surface that is intended for pedestrians to walk on. ,or one of a series of connected paths that are intended to be walked upon. The design and construction of walkways can vary depending on the nature, needs and requirements of the project. A walkway may be an outdoor space built above ground level in order to facilitate pedestrian movement between two points in a covered area, or a suspended deck that allows users to move between two points in a covered area.


Swing Gate: The most common type of gate is the swing gate, which opens inwards towards the property, but can also open outwards towards the street.

Sliding Gate: Another type is the sliding gate, which slides along an axis parallel to its hinge point.

Retractable Gate: A third type is a retractable gate, which typically folds back like a drawbridge into its own enclosure or into another structure such as a wall or building face; this type is the most common.

Swing Away Gate: The fourth type is the swing-away gate, which swings out from a fixed position but does not fold back; this type is used for gates for animal pens and gates that are in use only at certain times of day.

Folding Gate: The fifth type is the folding gate, which folds back on the hinge side and can be pushed against a fixed object to close it.

    Gates and Driveways for apartment complexes



    Driveways: The building driveways can be done by a professional or DIY. The DIY option is cheaper but it would require a lot more time and effort. .The cost of building driveways is likely to differ depending on the type of material that is used. For example, wood would cost less than iron or metal. However, installation by a professional would be more expensive than doing the job yourself. 

    Gates: The cost of building a gate starts at $10 per square foot for a basic gate made from pressure-treated wood. For example, a small residential gate made from pressure-treated wood with an ornate design will cost about $1,000 to build.

    Walkways: The price can vary from region to region. The average cost for a 4’x8’x1/2 inch concrete walkway is $4 per square foot, which would make the average price for an 8’x8’x1/2 inch concrete walkway $32.


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