Overview Of Building Roofs

A roof is a covering on top of a house or a building that is used to protect against extremes of temperature or rain, snow, and wind. Nowadays, roofs are typically made of an asphalt/fiberglass combination or wood shingles. There are some flat roofs that are done with tar, but rubber roofs are becoming an increasingly popular option, as well. Additionally, metal roofs have become increasingly popular because of their fire-resistance. Because of their longevity, metal roofs are becoming a popular roofing material choice, even though they are expensive and require professional installation.

How Roofs Work:

Peak of a roof is called a ridge, the bottom is called the eave, and slanting edges are called rakes. Two roof planes meet at an inside corner called a valley and at an outside corner the intersection is called a hip. There are two types of roof frames: rafters and trusses. A 2×10 inch framing lumber is used for the rafter framing. Prefabricated trusses are made of smaller members composed of 2-by-4’s, which are assembled in factories and lifted onto the project site by cranes.

Roofing Materials: 

  1. Asphalt shingles: come in three-tab or architectural style. Although they’re durable, most people choose these shingles for their affordability.
  2. Wood shingles:  wood shingles can cost nearly double than asphalt shingles do, but when installed correctly, they are very long-lasting. 
  3. Metal roofs: are best known for protecting the sheathing underneath from wind and water and are also long lasting but they can sometimes cost four times the price of asphalt shingles.
  4. Tile roofs: tile roofs are also long lasting but they require additional structure to accommodate the heavy weight of the material.

Roofing Costs: 

The cost of a roof depends on factors such as size, material, and complexity. The average cost for a new roof is $5-10 per square foot. Typically, a roof framing project costs between $13,500 and $16,500, with the average roof framing job costing about $15,000 for a 1,500-square-foot two-story home with a cross gable roof. 

Wood framing: the cost is at $3 to $5 per board foot

Steel framing: the cost of $7 to $9 per board foot. Steel framing can be expensive, but necessary in certain situations. 

Roof trusses ranges: Average is from $50 to $450 per truss.

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