Apartment Lobbies


Lobbies are spaces that are usually located near the entrance of a building. They are often used as a place to greet visitors and provide them with information about the building, its policies, and other features.

A lobby is also a space that often leads to the interior of a building or the entrance of an institution. It is usually a large, open area that provides space for public gathering and sometimes has retail services available, like a gift shop or coffee bar. A lobby also often contains a reception desk and can be used for check-in services. The term “lobby” is sometimes also used, more informally, to mean the foyer of a building or the entrance area to an institution.


Entrance/Exit: Entering and exiting the building

Information: Providing visitors with information about the building or organization

Directions: Giving directions to people who want to enter or exit the building


      1. Apartment Building: A lobby in an apartment building may serve as a reception area where people can meet their friends or family members coming home from work or school.
      2. Public Building: A lobby in a hotel may serve as a public area where guests meet their friends and family members who have arrived at the hotel before the check-in time.
      3. Office Building: A lobby in an office building may serve as the first place visitors see when they enter the building and it is often designed to make them feel welcome and comfortable with its décor, furnishings and artwork.
      Apartment Lobbies


      The cost of lobbies can vary based on the size and complexity of the project. Lobbies are usually a room in a building where people gather to wait for an event to start, meet with other people, or go to the front desk. Lobbies can be part of a larger project or they can be standalone projects. The cost of lobbies is determined by factors such as: 

      1. The size: For example, parking garages typically have large lobbies that are often used for long periods of time. The cost of a lobby in a parking garage would be around $2 to $22 per square foot. 
      2. Complexity
      3. Design aesthetic
      4. Materials used
      5. Finishes
      6. Location. 

      A hotel lobby can range from $1 to $4 per square foot.


      Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive lobbies (high costs, but not necessarily high-quality)

      1. Trump Tower: $86 million in 2009.
      2. Trump International Hotel and Tower: $205 million in 2007
      3. 40 Wall Street: $35 million in 2008 
      4. Burj Khalifa: approximately $300 million in 2010. 

      Materials used: 

      Building lobbies are usually made of materials that are widely available and cheap. They can be easily replaced in case of a fire or other damage. There are many materials used to construct lobbies in buildings. The most common materials are: 

      1. Carpets
      2. Marble
      3. Glass
      4. Wood 
      5. Tiles

      Lobbies in high-rise buildings might be made out of marble and glass to make them more impressive, while a lobby in a low-rise building might use cheaper material like wood or metal to keep costs down.


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