Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers


Exercise facilities such as fitness centers include different amenities, such as weights, workout machines like treadmills, yoga and pilates equipment, and other equipment. In addition to group instruction programs such as spinning classes, yoga, and participants have the opportunity to participate in organized and impromptu team sports, individuals can also exercise as part of a cardiac, weight-lifting, and swimming program. In this article, we will learn about the costs, benefits and types of fitness centers.

Types of Fitness Centers

Gym: The most common fitness center is a gym. Most people are accustomed to gyms such as  Anytime Fitness, Planet Fitness, Orange Theory, LA fitness, or other chain gyms that offer 24 hour access within a low membership fee.

Private Studio: Personal training centers are private studios at which members can work out with a personal trainer of one’s choice. A disadvantage of such a facility is its high price tag. The cost of a weekly personal training session with a trainer can be incredible.  Below is a picture:

Fitness Center Private Studio

Big Box: In big box centers, there are many large fitness centers that provide equipment and a variety of services. As long as the facility has room, they offer both cardio and weights areas as well as other areas.

Yoga and Mind-Body: These are both available in both large chains and small businesses. They can be found anywhere and by anyone.


Average gym membership: $37.31/month

Picture below from RunRepeat

Costs of fitness center

Average Big Box Fitness: The price ranges significantly between $10/month and over $100/month. Amenities offered vary widely as well.

Yoga: Yoga studios around the country charge between $10 and $20 for single sessions. For private training, it costs about $30 and $70 for each lesson. However, do keep in mind that the price of yoga lessons can vary depending on the region.


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