Deferred Maintenance

Deferred Maintenance Reserve Fund Advisers


Deficiencies and the lack of funding cause delays and backlogs in infrastructure repairs, referred to as deferred maintenance. The increase in future capital expenditures can be as much as 600% when maintenance is delayed. Facilities and manufacturing plants frequently fail to perform necessary maintenance, despite the serious consequences. Organizations are also exposed to safety risks, inefficiency in energy use, and reputational damage. In short, deferred maintenance refers to any planned repair or maintenance that has been postponed because of limited resources.

Types of Maintenance

One of the most popular forms of proactive maintenance is preventive maintenance. Organizations that already have a CMMS do not have to buy new technology in order to start performing preventive maintenance tasks. Simple and popular, preventive maintenance (PM) is used in many industries. Preventive Maintenance can reduce maintenance costs, increase asset life, and increase productivity.

Deferred Maintenance Flow chart
Predictive Maintenance: Reducing the probability of equipment failure through regular monitoring of equipment performance and condition (PdM). The purpose of predictive maintenance is to anticipate when the equipment will fail (by observing certain factors) and then prevent it through regular routine maintenance.
Predictive Maintenance
Conditions-based maintenance: Conditions-based maintenance (CBM) allows maintenance to be planned based on the current condition of an asset. Monitoring assets continuously for impending failures is the goal of condition-based maintenance, so maintenance can be scheduled proactively before failures occur.
Conditions-based maintenance

Deferred Maintenance Costs

Interestingly, says that “On average, if you don’t maintain your building, you should expect future expenses to be about the same as the cost of the part squared or about 15 times the cost of the total repair”. The company further claims, “Every $1 of maintenance postponed costs $4 in future capital renewal needs.” and “Less preventive maintenance on systems shortens their lives by up to 33%.”
Deferred Maintenance Costs

Types of Materials

There are many things that can be used such as but not limited to filters, paints, window glazing, masonry, roofs, and boilers. Companies and agencies routinely estimate deferred maintenance for problems involving these components. The deterioration of building components is not uniform; there is no standard for how much decay should be allowed before they need to be repaired or replaced.


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